Internet Affiliate Marketing – Finding a Niche: Starting Your Own Online Home Internet Business 

Starting a home Internet business is the dream of many. No boss, no co-workers, no traffic are just some of the reasons people dream of a home Internet business. What is Internet affiliate marketing? What is a niche market? Why is a niche market important for Internet affiliate marketing and an online home Internet business?

What is a Niche Market for Internet Affiliate Marketing?

Choosing a niche market is one of the first steps to starting a Internet affiliate marketing business. A niche market simply means a specialized market. A niche market is a market within a market.
Take the beer industry for example. Simply marketing beer is a broad market. A niche market for beer, or a market with in a market, might be a specific style of beer like an India pale ale beer. Another good example of a niche market associated with beer might be the market for the home beer-brewing enthusiast.

Why is a Niche Market Important for Internet Affiliate Marketing?

Choosing a broad market for affiliate marketing means many more competitors. The more competition there is in a market, the harder it is to get people to a website. More competitors also mean higher advertising costs. The more narrow the niche market, the easier it is to get good search engine optimization (SEO).
Using the beer example, over 20 million people a month search on Google for the word “beer.” Using a niche like “India pale ale ” produces 8,100 monthly searches in Google. Using a niche market like “home brewed beer” produces 1,900 monthly searches.

Choosing a Domain Name for the Internet Affiliate Business

This should be the second step to starting an Internet affiliate marketing business. The domain name is the actual web or URL address for the website. Choosing a domain name is an important part of creating an Internet affiliate marketing business. People that are searching the Internet often look for domain names that are related to their search. Here are some general rules when choosing a domain name.

• Incorporate the name of the product or service into the domain name. For example, would incorporate the name of the niche market.
• Pick a domain name that people are likely to remember. In the above example someone who’s fond of India pale ales would likely remember that domain name.
• Allows use .com because people generally believe that a .com domain name is more legitimate.
• Keep the domain name as short as possible. Longer domain names aren’t as likely to be remembered as shorter domain names.

This covers the first two steps for starting an Internet affiliate marketing home business. The next steps are creating and designing a web site, starting a relationship with advertisers and attracting Internet users to the website. Before embarking on starting a home business, make sure that there’s plenty of time available and plenty of energy to stay the course.